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A place for hellos and greetings
Post your profiles here, using our application form.
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Things to look out for
Mandalorian Character Applications
Here is where you will create your personal character if you wish to become a Mandalorian and to join the Mandolorian. Once an application is submitted, you must wait for approval by Cimil
The Mando Camp
A gathering place for the toughest warriors in the Galaxy
Mandalorian Academy
Place where Mandalorians come to get trained by the head master Cimil
Around the Fire
Chat out-of-character with other Mando's
Sith Entrance Hall
Place to sign up to join the Sith
Sith Academy
Where Sith apprentices are taught the ways of the Dark Side Of The Force by their Masters.
Sith Galaxy
Here one may engage in spars of any kind!
Sith Chat
A forum for subtle, out-of-character chat between members of the Sith
Jedi Temple
Jedi Temple
The great Jedi Temple stationed on Tython. Post all in-character topics related to the Jedi Order here.
Jedi Academy
Here is where all apprentices and pupils will meet their Jedi Masters and recieve their training as a Jedi.
Jedi Order Out of Character
Post all of your out of character topics related to the Jedi Order here.
Role Playing Forums
Roleplaying Planning and Discussion
Here you can create and discuss new missions and personal roleplaying ideas
Roleplaying Galaxy
Venture on your first role-play experience in our roleplaying galaxy. Select a planet or location where you would like to begin and let your imagination do the rest. By developing plots and storylines with fellow roleplayers, you can experience the full adventure of the Star Wars galaxy.
Dueling Circle
Challenge anyone to a duel...
Out of Character
General Discussion
Here you can converse about anything.
Fan Art
Here our artists off all kinds can post their artwork. Also avatars and signatures can be requested here.
The Galactic Archives
The Archives
Here all old threads and roleplays go once they are finished.
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